Depending on the type and size of your wedding, planning your wedding menu can be daunting. Many people rate the food at your wedding as often being just as important as the dress you wear and the event itself, so the menu is an important aspect of any successful wedding! Your guests will remember this part of your wedding for years to come, which is why so many people hire an experienced professional such as Caley’s Catering & Events company, which has been successfully catering weddings in the Draper and Salt Lake City, Utah area for over 23 years.

With a variety of guests and taste buds at your wedding, the menu needs to appeal to a wide range of people. One should avoid overly spicy food, and take into account any allergies and dietary requests and cross contamination issues involving shellfish, dairy, and nuts. One should consider a range of catering options and make sure the caterer can offer vegetarian meal alternatives too. 

If you are on a tight budget, consider that dinner is normally the most expensive meal to cater, while brunch, lunch or cocktails and hors d’oeuvres should be less expensive. That being said, dinner is also the most popular privately catered wedding meal, and there are other ways to cut costs without sacrificing the menu.

We are familiar with and knowledgeable about most of the local venues, and catering types. and we can provide invaluable advice and support on room set up and guest logistics, and we can accommodate all the necessary complementary rental items such as tableware, linen & china, glassware, flatware, furniture and props.

Once you’ve finalized your menu options it is popular to print it out for display so your guests can see their eating and beverage choices, along with preprinted seating charts and your event schedule.




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